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1. She sat on the table.

She went through the office several times without saying a word. I dropped it very much. I was afraid to say anything. I was waiting for the first move in suspense.

Director, Agnieszka, was a very attractive woman. Since she was a divorcee and looked pretty easy, not one employee tried to pick her up. Unfortunately, more than one has already burned on his feet.

Her appearance and manner were very deceptive. On several occasions I was already a witness, quite interesting incidents. A few of my more handsome and outspoken colleagues, counting on nice company, and perhaps something more, gained her unmistakable suggestions. Later, when she fired with properly chosen epithets and in addition she grounded them with the help of the official regulations, the whole bet laughed at them.

I must admit that I liked it too much, but I never went beyond the savoir vivre template. Now I was in a very unpleasant situation. I made a serious mistake in the implementation of the priority project and in addition I tried to hide it. When everything appeared, I could only count on her good will.

I did not know how old she was. I do not think that anyone in the company knew about it. Nevertheless, it was close to forty by the eye. She was tall and slim. She had bright long hair that fell freely on her shoulders and blue, piercing eyes. A black suit and a tight skirt just below her knees, she lay there perfectly. It was nice to watch him move. Unfortunately, all the pleasure ended. I was convinced that I would leave work.

– Mr. Andrzej, how long have you been working with us? – she asked a standard question.

“Six years,” I answered briefly.

She paused at the metal file folder and, tilting her head, measured me with her attentive gaze.

“Well, that’s it. I will find out in a moment that I’m not working anymore, – I thought.

I felt that I was starting to sweat and my hands were shaking. I wanted it all to end soon. Every next minute in her office was more and more unpleasant.

– And what am I to do with you now? she asked another question, putting her hands on her hips.

A spark of hope lit in my mind. “Maybe he is looking for an amicable solution? If she wanted to dump me, she would not say it in this way. “But I could not have certainty. I had the impression that he was looking at me differently, but it was probably just an impression.

In the next moment something happened that completely knocked my legs off. I felt like a fly covered with a jar. I looked around, desperately trying to find a way out of this situation. My heart was pounding like a pneumatic hammer, and my breathing was fast and broken.

She sat on the table where the fax was and gently lifted her knee. As I sat on the other side of the room, in a fairly low chair, easily, I could see her panties.

“Oh my,” I thought.

I would sooner expect to see black thongs in pussy, than yellow, unmistakable figs. Time, however, flowed, and the situation did not change. I still saw the same thing: peach panties.

She behaved like a mantis, but she kept her fashion all the time. She was playing with my confusion and, it seems, she was sensational. The worst thing was that it did not seem to change its position. She sat there, and I could not take my eyes off. The place between her legs was like a magnet.

She tilted her head back, put a finger to her lips, and did not take her eyes off me. I was completely defenseless. I did not know how to behave at all.

2. Perverted cunt.

I wondered what he was going to do: give me a word, whether to undress and rape, fuck in this office? Or both? Anyway, I was shocked. The feeling of uncertainty, embarrassment and anxiety mixed with the rapidly growing excitement.

“I do not know, director,” I began to explain in a trembling voice, “what I have done is unacceptable, but …”

– Mr. Andrzej, – she interrupted me, – do you think that the door is open or closed?

She shot me at that moment. “What’s her point? What’s with that door again? Are you kidding me if he’s serious? “

-Eeee … Mrs. Ann, when I entered, were open. Only, why are you asking about it?

Suddenly she stood up, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Maybe this is the end and nothing else will be.” What happened a moment ago was very embarrassing. If it was one of my friends, let’s say Katie or Ania, it would probably be long ago blown away. However, I knew that these thresholds are too high for me. It seemed that the director simply forgot.

My joy did not last, however, too long. She sat down again. This time on a small, red, swivel chair. I thought to myself, “Why is she doing this? Why? Why me? Can not he just release me normally ?! “

I waited tensely, but this time she politely joined her knees. At least for a short moment. There was something in her eyes that did not give me peace. I felt that I would not leave her office too soon.

She grabbed the bottom edge in her black, tight, tight skirt, and with both hands pulled her up above her knees. After a few seconds, she began to spread her legs.

I gave up. I knew that I would not be able to leave this room without a great confrontation. I just asked myself what would come of it and whether I would keep my stool?

“Oh, shit,” I thought, “if only it had to end on sex, and the matter would not go on, let it be. Maybe somehow my wife will not know about it. It’s hard, you have to drink a beer that has been brewing. “

– Mr. Andrzej, maybe, first you will do me a small favor … – she began quite uncertainly.

Various scenarios have already been made in my head, but I could not predict that.

“Oh, it starts. That’s what it’s called now. Okay, let it be. “

-I listen to Ania.

– It seems that the fax plug has fallen out of the socket. Could you…

“But the monkey” – I barely held on to the pile, – “and what, she thinks now … that what? that how? that I will come under this table? so with her? “

She sat and waited, rather, she did not consider another option, but the one in which I do as she wants. Well, I fell like a plum in a compote. I was perfectly aware that this was a critical moment. I was just naive, hoping to somehow get out of it.

I got up from the chair, took two steps, and then, on all fours, tried to slip under a rather low table. She was still sitting, no place moved. Like an investigator dog, he was pushing forward, not looking from side to side. I begged you not to succumb to temptation and look up. The fax was actually turned off. When I fixed it and started to step back, I realized I was in a lost position. Something threatened my way. I turned my head. It was her leg.

“Oh, what a perverted cunt!” – it went through my mind.

It was only after a few seconds that I understood that I had only one leg. I wondered where the other was. After a moment I already knew. The second leg lay on the table.